Foundations of Yoga Beginner’s Class

Want to try yoga but feel intimidated about being in a class with more advanced practitioners? This beginner’s class is a great place to start your yoga journey.

Learn about breath work and how to use your breath to move through the sequence of poses called Sun Salutations.  We’ll also learn the Warrior poses which are approachable to most bodies.  We’ll practice mindfulness, and connecting breath with movement.  

Learn to align, open and strengthen the body gradually while stabilizing the platforms of the feet and ankles, hips, pelvis and shoulder girdle. Class begins with general and targeted warm-up sequences followed by postures which are taught from their foundations using fundamental building blocks to enable students to explore the postures correctly, safely and to their own ability before bringing it all together into a Vinyasa, a breath-connected sequence. 

Students are encouraged to relax and work at their own pace in a safe and non-competitive environment.

Price $12

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