Sound Meditation, Oscillating Prana with ShaamaahS

What is sound meditation and how can it help us focus, and re-engage our “true self”.  According to Nikola Tesla, “If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration”. 

We, as humans, are walking energy, vibrating at multiple frequencies. When we break this idea down into the esoteric realm of Chakra meditation, we note the seven major Chakras and the Universal OM have their own individual frequencies/notes. The Chakras are an intricate energy system that communicates with the body’s glandular functions. 

The importance of developing the Pranic Energy Body connection with Chakra balancing involves initiating the subtle energy body via yoga and meditation. This can be accomplished with sound meditation focused on specific Chakras and developing the subtle energy body’s ability to “oscillate” with an external sound catalyst. This workshop is accessible to all levels of yogic and meditative pursuits and will cover the following: 

  • Sound meditation theory involving both esoteric and analytic approaches.
  • Introduction to Himalayan Singing Bowls, how to “sing” a bowl, and proper evaluation of potential Singing Bowl prior to purchase.
  • Spinal Pranayamic breath via Sushumna visualization.
  • Chakra energy point stimulation via visualization and “brushing / stirring” techniques. 
  • Chakra Bija Mantra toning, Mudra exercises, and Breath Awareness.
  • Following these exercises, a 1 hour Chakra sound meditation involving Tuvan Throat Singing, Himalayan Singing Bowls and a Shruti Box. Students will have an opportunity to either lay in Svavasana, or sitting meditation to include optional Chakra visualization, Mudra, and 3rd eye lock. 
  • All attendees with receive a choice of 4 different high resolution 1hr long ShaamaahS Chakra meditations and “cheat sheet” with Chakra descriptions, Mudra, and Mantras. 
  • Students will leave this class with the ability to practice, and develop their own personal meditation practice. 
  • For an audio preview of the sound meditation go to 

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