Vinyasa I / Gentle Flow

Centering breath work, Sun Salutations, & Standing and Floor-based postures (asanas):  The Sun Salutations, or Surya Namaskara, are a series of poses performed in sequence to create a flow of movement meant to warm and loosen the body.    

We take each joint through its full range of motion by mobilizing the muscles, and this gentle activation improves circulation of blood, energy (chi) and our vital substances.  We learn to coordinate our breath with movement, and to connect mind, body, and breath.  

This practice is comprised of postures that are approachable for most bodies.  They are less intimidating than some of the more “advanced” postures while still being great for building strength, confidence, and body awareness.  When linked together in a flow (vinyasa) we increase our heart rate and get our energy flowing more freely.

Price $12

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