Yin yoga is a floor- or wall-based practice that works on the fascia and dense connective tissues in and around the joints, where vinyasa is more yang-like in nature working on the muscles and their fascia. All tissues of the body need stress to be healthy, and we use the gentle stresses of yin to gently stimulate, strengthen, and restore health to these deeper tissues which are largely ignored with faster forms of movement.

If you have a relatively inactive lifestyle, Yin Yoga is a great way to reintroduce your body to movement. When practiced weekly, yin can improve flexibility and/or prevent the loss of flexibility that comes with age or a sedentary lifestyle. This intelligent Yin practice helps to hydrate these deep tissues, promoting and improving joint health as well as body and breath awareness. There is no experience necessary to do yin, and you don’t even have to be flexible to participate.

Yin also has a mindfulness component, challenging us to find peace in what may be slightly uncomfortable positions as we allow time and gravity to let the emphasis of the stress activate change at the deepest level.

Whether on the floor or with “Legs Up The Wall”, these postures work into the energy flows, or meridians, helping to harmonize and balance our energetic body, while releasing restrictions and chronic holding patterns in the physical body, and teaching us to be tolerant of both physical and mental/emotional discomfort as we work towards a deeper understanding of our true selves.

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