Yin yoga is a floor- or wall-based practice that works on the fascia and tissues in and around the joints, where vinyasa is more yang-like in nature working on the muscles and their fascia. All tissues of the body need stress to be healthy, and we use the gentle stresses of yin to gently stimulate, strengthen, and restore health to these tissues which are largely ignored with faster forms of movement.

Yin also has a mindfulness component, challenging us to find peace in what may be slightly uncomfortable positions as we allow time and gravity to let the emphasis of the stress activate change at the deepest level.

This passive practice challenges you to find peace in what may be a slightly uncomfortable position and hold that position for 3 to 5 minutes, or even longer for some poses. Whether on the floor or with “Legs Up The Wall”, these postures work into the energy flows, or meridians, of the body.  

Yin is a fantastic way to increase or maintain flexibility as it focuses on the areas around the joints. You’ll notice more open hips, buttery muscles, and major mind detox. Yin yoga is a great compliment to your yang/Vinyasa practice.

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