Yoga for Pelvic Floor

Guest Instructor, Kristin Heyrman, PT, DPT, RYT-200 says, “A healthy pelvic floor is the foundation of body movement and stability. When the pelvic floor is strong and balanced, it helps to keep the abdominal and pelvic organs healthy.  However, pelvic floor dysfunction is incredibly common with a wide range of symptoms from incontinence to feelings of instability and weakness, to pain in the pelvis, low back, and hips.” 

This class is for anyone experiencing these symptoms, or for anyone who wants to gain a greater understanding and awareness of their pelvic floor.  Our focus will be on strengthening, stabilizing, stretching, and softening the pelvic floor, along with postures to open the hips and strengthen the core. We’ll learn how to integrate the pelvic floor into standing and balance poses to strengthen your foundation for your yoga practice and also your daily life.

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