Restorative for Weight Loss?

Yes, yes, yes! Restorative yoga has been shown to actually reduce fat, especially the subcutaneous variety. If high-intensity aerobic activity is not your thing, or you’re not quite ready to jump into a power vinyasa class or other group fitness class, try restorative yoga. In a study cited in Yoga Journal, which took place over 48 weeks, there were two groups of people: one that performed a routine of simple stretching exercises and another that took part in a restorative yoga routine. Both groups lost weight, but the restorative yoga group lost almost twice as much in the first six months, and they were also better able to keep it off. The restorative yoga group also lost more than 2.5 times the amount of subcutaneous fat as the stretch group.

So, how does restorative yoga help? When we become stressed, the fight-or-flight syndrome triggers a complex shift in hormones designed to draw on our energy sources quickly in response, and can cause your appetite to increase in order to replenish that energy. You begin to eat when you are not really hungry or in need of food. Restorative yoga helps reduce stress, which in turn reduces the level of cortisol in your body. This results in a reduced production of glucose, and glucose creates fat, especially belly fat. When you reduce stress, you reduce cortisol and then glucose, which leads to weight loss. Further, it creates mindfulness which may help curb your appetite and help you make better food choices. No yoga or fitness experience necessary, all levels welcome.
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