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Yoga For Runners

Step up your running game with a dedicated yoga practice. Build strength and increase flexibility, identify and correct muscle imbalances, develop a killer core. Yoga can take you to the next level as a runner, whether you’re training for a full or half marathon, 10K, 5K, or 1K. Breathing, meditation techniques, and the physical improvements you achieve through yoga combine to increase your efficiency as a runner. Coming in June, weekly classes specifically for runners.  In conjunction with the Saturday morning training runs, Sunday Yin & Restorative classes will give your body a chance to reset.  The miles you log all week are very Yang energy, and like all forms of exercise, very stressful for your body.  While running builds strength, speed, and endurance, it can also leave you feeling sore and depleted if you don’t balance it out with adequate recovery, which is where Yin & Restorative yoga come in.  While post-run stretches are important, Yin is done with cooler muscles so it targets tendons, ligaments, and fascia, helps to relieve tension and soreness, maintains range of motion, and improves circulation.  

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